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Identification The printing „FIS Freestyle World Cup“ respectively the official FIS World Cup Sponsor logo must be used in an appropriate dimension and in an attractive way on all printed materials i.e.: Posters, programmes, programme covers, accreditation, invitations, start- and result lists, press information, official and unofficial result lists.

Logo The space occupied by the FIS World Cup sponsor logo respectively the identification must cover at least 2% of the total surface.

The FIS logo and the FIS World Cup title sponsor logo with the supplement “FIS World Cup” has to be placed in the upper left corner of the TV data insert (e.g. starting list, results etc.)

Title: „ X “ FIS Freestyle World Cup presented by „ X “

The Organising Committee is not allowed to bring the World Cup logo in connection with another sponsor than the FIS World Cup title respectively presenting sponsor, neither in graphic or verbal manner.


Within the Nordic FIS marketing, the FIS World Cup Title Sponsor Freestyle „XY“ respectively its advertising spaces (e.g. banners) can be substituted or added by the partners of the two other Nordic FIS disciplines depending on the advertising possibilities in agreement with the Organising Committee. The LO has to be informed in this respect and must give its agreement.

FIS Advertising Rules

All advertising possibilities in the TV area are based on the existing FIS Advertising Rules.

Branch exclusivity

The FIS title sponsor "XY" for the FIS Freestyle World Cup has the branch exclusivity for his product category. The FIS Presenting sponsor "XY" for the FIS Freestyle World Cup has the branch exclusivity for the product category. The LO guarantees that no competitor is present with their branding in any commercial or public area.

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