FIS Freestyle World Cup Competitor Attendance by Nation Season 2009-2010

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  • Total various Nations 33
  • Total various Ladies 158
  • Total various Men 265
  • Total various athlete 423

Disc. Gender Various Comp Various Nations Nations

Moguls MO Ladies 67 20 AUS(6), AUT(1), CAN(9), CHN(3), CZE(3), DAN(1), FIN(1), FRA(1), GBR(1), GER(4), ITA(1), JPN(8), KAZ(3), KOR(1), RUS(8), SLO(1), SPA(1), SUI(1), SWE(4), USA(9)

MO Men 90 20 AUS(6), CAN(11), CZE(2), FIN(9), FRA(8), GBR(1), GER(2), GRE(1), ITA(1), JPN(5), KAZ(4), KOR(3), NOR(4), RSA(1), RUS(6), SLO(1), SPA(2), SUI(2), SWE(10), USA(11)

Aerials AE Men 43 13 ARG(1), AUS(1), BLR(6), CAN(8), CHN(6), CZE(1), FRA(1), JPN(2), KAZ(1), RUS(3), SUI(4), UKR(3), USA(6)

Aerials AE Ladies 31 9 AUS(4), BLR(2), CAN(6), CHN(6), GBR(1), KAZ(1), SUI(2), UKR(3), USA(6)

  • Total various Nations 14
  • Total various Ladies 31
  • Total various Men 43
  • Total various athlete 74

Ski Cross SX Men 132 22 ARG(1), AUS(1), AUT(11), CAN(12), CZE(6), FIN(4), FRA(13), GBR(5), GER(9), IRE(1), ITA(5), JAM(1), JPN(6), LAT(1), NOR(7), POL(3), RUS(4), SLO(4), SUI(17), SWE(10), UKR(1), USA(10)

Ski Cross SX Ladies 60 20 AUS(3), AUT(5), CAN(5), CZE(3), DAN(1), FRA(6), GBR(2), GER(6), JPN(2), LIE(1), NOR(4), NZE(1), POL(1), ROU(1), RUS(4), SLO(1), SPA(2), SUI(6), SWE(4), USA(2)

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