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Eindhoven Waterjump Freestyle Holland [[1]]

Image:NED wasser Schans.jpg


Freestyle Holland Waterjump in Eindhoven (NED). The water jump is not only being used by Freestyle skiers but also by snowboarders, BMX riders, skateboarders and inline skaters. The center is located just 15 minutes from the Montana Snowcenter Ski Dome in the southern Netherlands.

Waterjump Freestyle Holland This waterjump is an idea from Dutch Freestyle mogulskier Jeff Bignell[[2]]. Together with a lot volunteers he started this project in October 2005. With many thanks to Henk Lodewijks, Tom de Groot, Patrick Zarges and Maurice de Lange who where the driving or working force behind Jeffrey’s idea. These people and all the others wich are too many to mention made it possible to make a dream come true for Jeffrey and Freestyle Holland. At this moment we welcome a lot of foreign World Cup teams who want to train in Holland for the summer and use our facilities. Further it’s also possible for experienced skiers to book clinics or introlessons from our own freestyle expert instructors. Clinics with or wtihout trampoline and acrobungee to practice your first dryland jumps are possible. Ofcourse Freestyle Holland has it’s own Freestyle Holland trainingevening on wednesday.

Info Contact / Bookings info@freestyleholland.nl

Recreatiecentrum Aquabest

Ekkersweijer 6

5681 RZ Best

Netherlands [3]

Technical Data

Height : 6,5 m

Inrun : 25 m

Inclination : 30 degree

Platform : 1,5 m extra (8 m)

Top jump : 165 cm

Top jump to watersurface : 200-220 cm

Stairs : 3 to top of the jump

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