Destination Mountain Resort

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Destination Mountain Resort hast the criteria or features:

  • Serves local,regional and destination enthusiasts with an emphasis on catering to destination needs and services. *Offers a unique and truly special mountain experience.
  • Provides a wide range of tourist facilities, given that their guests are usually there for a total resort experience where lift serviced skiing and snowboarding (although still the cornerstone activities) are no longer the only attractions.
  • International airport within a two to three hour drive.
  • Significant bed base in close proximity to lifts and trails at the resort, including publicly available commercial beds (approximately 40-60 percent in close proximity to the ski lifts and trails and other resort amenities), private bed subdivisions (approximately 30-50 percent), and resident restricted employee housing (approximately 10-20 percent).

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  • All Season Resort Guidelines BC Tourism and Resort Development Division,Ministry of Tourism, Sport and the Arts and Brent Harley and Associates Inc. The Resort Planning Group [2]

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