Czech SnowKidz Park (Czech)

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'''Overall Focus''' '''Overall Focus'''
-* No specific information available [[Image:SnowKidz 4.JPG|100px|right]]+* No specific information available [[Image:SnowKidz 4.JPG|100px|right]] [[Image:SnowKidz 3.JPG|100px|right]] [[Image:SnowKidz 2.JPG|100px|right]] [[Image:SnowKidz 1.JPG|100px|right]]
'''Target Group''' '''Target Group'''

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Overall Focus

  • No specific information available

Target Group

  • Children from the ages of


  • Czech Ski Federation
  • Czech ski clubs



Contact Information

Please contact the Czech Ski Association for more information.

Zuzka Kalátová

Czech Ski Association



  • Video on YouTube [1]

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