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Here is an example of a Course Description;

Course Description

From the start platform at 2400m, there is an inrun followed by a medium jump at 26m of 5 m. Then there is a big roller 24 m away followed by an 8m jump at 23m. From the landing to there is a gate at 37m into long to a left turn followed by a 57m traverse into a banked turn to the right of 12 long. Then a turn to the left side 41m away followed by a big jump at 24m. The first gate is 41m away into a right turn followed by a long left turn to the left with the first gate at 34m and the second one at 30m. Then 49m to a big jump with a 47m landing followed at 10 by an 11m table top. This is then followed at 46m by a right turn of 6m to a corner jump at the end. Then there is straight section of 41m to the first roller, then 19m two the second and 10m to the third roller then 11m to medium jump of 10m. The landing is 20m long to a left turn followed 28m away by a turn to the right of 20 long. Then followed at 35m by a small step down followed at 23 m by a left turn. There is then at 36m a long turn to the right followed by a medium straight jump 42m away. The landing is 43m long into a left turn of 26m to the exit gate with a step down followed 45 m away by a small finish jump of 16m table. The finish line is 22m away with a 55m finish area.

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