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Job Descriptions

The Competition Secretary is responsible for all secretarial work for all aspects of the competition. The secretary must ensure that the Official Results contain the correct information.

This person is responsible for taking minutes of the competition committee, Jury and team captains meetings.

The secretary should arrange for the proper display and recording of the draw.

They must ensure that all forms for start, finish, timing, calculations and protests are properly prepared and delivered in good order at the proper time. They must ensure that results are duplicated and distributed properly immediately following the competition.



[edit] Before Competition:

  • Meet with organizing committee to set registration fees and plan schedule of events.
  • Type and duplicate information sheet. Include name and date of event, list of competition personnel and officials, schedule of competition events, schedule of social events if any, special rules and reminders.
  • Receive and record early registrations.
  • Provide results of draw and running order to TD.
  • Type and duplicate list of competitors in run order.
  • Prepare competitor packets. Include info sheet, run order list, bib, lift ticket, trail map, other pertinent information.

[edit] During Competition:

  • Supervise registration: collect and record entry fees, collect vouchers, check all information;
  • Distribute packet containing bib, ticket, info sheets, etc.
  • Work with The Chief of Scoring to assist in recording, duplicating and distributing scores.
  • Attend and take notes at Team Captain's meetings and other official meetings.
  • Copy and distribute results after each run.

[edit] After Competition:

  • Assist Chief of Communications in sending results to the media
  • Send copy of final results to coaches if the results were not available for immediate distribution.

[edit] Reports To

Time Schedule prior and after competition: see During Competition.

[edit] Rule Book

[edit] Equipment

[edit] Also see

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