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See; See;
-'''[[Aerial Start]]'''+*'''[[Aerial Start]]'''
-'''[[Judging Procedures]]'''+*'''[[Judging Procedures]]'''
-'''[[Bib Number Assignment Freestyle World Cup]]'''+*'''[[Bib Number Assignment Freestyle World Cup]]'''
-'''[[Event Action Plan]]'''+*'''[[Event Action Plan]]'''
-'''[[Ski Cross World Cup Entry and Results Process]]'''+*'''[[Ski Cross World Cup Entry and Results Process]]'''
-'''[[Course Description Ski Cross]]'''+*'''[[Course Description Ski Cross]]'''
-'''[[Ski Cross Race Flow]]'''+*'''[[Ski Cross Race Flow]]'''
-'''[[Ski Cross Gate Keepers Education]]'''+*'''[[Ski Cross Gate Keepers Education]]'''
 +*'''[[Post Competition Design, Set Up and Operation]]'''
 +*'''[[Freestyle Skiing Specific Rules]]'''
---- ----
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[[Category:Freestyle Skiing]] [[Category:Freestyle Skiing]]
 +[[Category:Freestyle Course Preparation]]
 +[[Category:Freestyle Glossary]]
 +[[Category:Freestyle Infrastructure]]

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These details below are a set of Standard Operating Procedures or SOP's.


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