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-'''The Competition Committee'''+'''[[The Freestyle Competition Committee]]'''
-The Competition Committee is comprised of all the “major officials” who manage the race site activities and their subordinate teams who help to prepare and run the competition. The major officials represent the top tier of this structure and represent the leadership team. This team is led by the '''[[Chief of Competition]]''' and the team includes:  
-*the '''[[Chief of Course]]''',  
-*the Chief of Stadium,  
-*the Chief of Timekeeping and Data Processing,  
-*the Competition Secretary.  
-In large high level competitions, the Chief of Competition Security may also be a member of this leadership team. This group acts as an executive to discuss interrelated problems between their respective areas of responsibility. At the discretion of the Chief of Competition, the Competition Committee can be expanded to include others. It could be adjusted to allow for a slightly smaller committee for events of shorter duration but care must be taken to cover all bases.+----
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-The Competition Committee organization charts are designed to identify major tasks and official positions. Some tasks may require an individual official's attention at one level but these same tasks may be managed by another official in a lower level competition, or in fact may not be needed. These organization charts present a good plan for organizing an appropriate Competition Committee and have been proven to work over many different level of competitions.+[[Category:Freestyle Skiing]][[Category:Freestyle - Competition Official]]
- +
-'''Responsibilities of the Competition Committee'''+
-Prior to the competition, the Competition Committee:� ensures that the race site is prepared, beginning the summer before the competition is to be run.+
- +
-*� ensures that the courses that are going to be used are properly cleared, widened where necessary, bridged where necessary, and curves sloped and supported properly so that snow grooming can be carried out successfully.+
- +
-*� ensures homologation of the courses when required.+
- +
-�* selects those persons who will fill positions of responsibility within each of the functional race areas+
- +
-�* ensures that adequate training of the officials has been (or will be) carried out, including any dress rehearsals if needed.+
- +
-*� decides on the pre-competition races that will be used as dress rehearsals.+

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The Freestyle Competition Committee

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