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Main Details Course Profile:

Course Name:

Homologation number:


Course Width:


Mogul Course

Pace Time:

Ladies Pace Time:

Men's Pace Time:

Gate Width:

Aerial Course


Table Width:

Table Angle:

Table Length:

Landing Angle:

Landing Lenght:

Landing Width:

Kicker #1:

Kicker #2:

Kicker #3:

Kicker #4:

Kicker #5:

Kicker #6:

Local Officials


Key Organizers

Competition Officials

FIS Race Director: Jury Adviser: FIS Technical Delegate: Head Judge: Chief of Competition: Chief of Course: Assistant TD: Assistant Head Judge: Judge 1 (Turns): [[ Judge 2]] (Turns): [[ Judge 3]] (Turns): Judge 4 (Turns): Judge 5 (Turns): Judge 6 (Air): Judge 7 (Air): Judging Score Verifier:

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