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-'''[[Course Information]]'''+ 
'''Main Details''' '''Main Details'''
-Organizing Committee / Race Office:+ 
 +== Organizing Committee / Race Office ==:
Phone: Phone:
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-[[Course Profile]]:+ 
 +== '''[[Course Profile]]''': ==
[[Course Name]]: [[Course Name]]:
Line 29: Line 30:
-'''Mogul Course'''+ 
-----+== '''Mogul Course''' ==
[[Pace Time]]: [[Pace Time]]:
Line 40: Line 43:
-'''Ski Cross Course''' 
-Course Profile:+== '''Ski Cross Course''' ==
-Course Name:+[[Course Profile]]:
-Start:+[[Course Name]]:
[[Vertical Drop]]: [[Vertical Drop]]:
-'''Aerial Course'''+ 
-----+== '''Aerial Course''' ==
[[In-run]]: [[In-run]]:
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-'''[[Local Officials]]'''+ 
-----+== '''[[Local Officials]]''' ==
[[Forerunners]]: [[Forerunners]]:
-Assistant Starter+[[Assistant Starter]]:
 +== '''[[Key Organizers]]''' ==
-'''[[Key Organizers]]''' 
-Head of the Organizing Committee+[[Head of the Organizing Committee]]:
-Marketing Director+[[Marketing Director]]:
-Chief of Press:+[[Chief of Press]]:
-Coordinator for photographers:+[[Coordinator Photographers]]:
-Press coordinator finish area:+[[Coordinator Finish Area]]:
-Marketing Agency:+[[Marketing Agency]]:
-TV Rights:+[[TV Rights Holder]]:
-TV Producer / Director:+[[TV Producer]]:
 +[[TV Director]]:
 +== '''[[Competition Officials]]''' ==
-'''[[Competition Officials]]''' 
[[FIS Race Director]]: [[FIS Race Director]]:
Line 153: Line 160:
-----+== '''Weather:''' ==
[[Air Temperature]]: [[Air Temperature]]:

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Main Details

== Organizing Committee / Race Office ==:




Internet website:

Press Office:


Course Profile:

Course Name:

Homologation number:


Course Width:


Mogul Course

Pace Time:

Ladies Pace Time:

Men's Pace Time:

Gate Width:

Ski Cross Course

Course Profile:

Course Name:




Vertical Drop:

Aerial Course


Table Width:

Table Angle:

Table Length:

Landing Angle:

Landing Length:

Landing Width:

Kicker #1:

Kicker #2:

Kicker #3:

Kicker #4:

Kicker #5:

Kicker #6:

Local Officials



Assistant Starter:

Key Organizers

Head of the Organizing Committee:

Marketing Director:

Chief of Press:

Coordinator Photographers:

Coordinator Finish Area:

Marketing Agency:

TV Rights Holder:

TV Producer:

TV Director:

Competition Officials

FIS Race Director:

Jury Adviser:

FIS Technical Delegate:

Head Judge:

Chief of Competition:

Chief of Course:

Assistant TD:

Assistant Head Judge:

Judge 1:

Judge 2:

Judge 3:

Judge 4:

Judge 5:

Judge 6:

Judge 7:

Judging Score Verifier:


Air Temperature:

Snow Temperate:

Wind Direction:

Wind Speed:

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