Chief of Timing

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Chief of Timing

Position: Chief of Timing

Job Description:

The Chief of Timekeeping is responsible for the accurate tabulation of all on-hill scoring procedures other than judging. This pertains to the official timing of each competitor's run. The Chief of Timekeeping must also see that all records are delivered to the Chief of Calculation for scoring.


- At the officials meeting, coordinate all timing personnel.

- Distribute proper forms and equipment.

- Test run the timing procedures with all personnel.

- Be sure that the electronic timing and backup are in sync.

- Inspect procedures and recordkeeping during and after the event.

- Report all infractions regarding timing to The Chief of Scoring.

Reports To:

- The Chief of Scoring


- Electric Timing Operator

Hand Timing Operator(s)



Rule Book:

- 3020.2.3, 3041.2, 3042.3, 3042.

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