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Chief of Start


[edit] Job Descriptions:

The Starter is responsible for warning signals and the start commands for competitions. The Starter is also responsible for recording start information.

[edit] Responsibilities:

  • Organizes starting personnel.
  • Coordinates with scoring personnel.
  • Gives start information to The Chief of Scoring - bib #, name, jump number (aerials).
  • Gives warning signal and start command to competitors:
  • A competitor not in gate, inform The Chief of Scoring for one minute role.
  • Keep record of all competitors starting, include name and bib #. Give to runners for transport to The Chief of Calculation.
  • Check knoll flag person for clear prior to sending next competitor.

[edit] Supervises:

  • Assistant Starter, Knoll Flag Person,.

[edit] Rule Book:

[edit] Freestyle Equipment List

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