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Chief of Scoring:


[edit] Job Descriptions:

The Chief of Scoring oversees all procedures and personnel involved in the scoring process. The Chief of Scoring insures that all tabulations and calculations are accurate and that official results are available promptly.

[edit] Responsibilities:

  • Organize all scoring personnel.
  • Supply all personnel with necessary equipment and forms.
  • Check calculation equipment and review calculation procedures.
  • Check timing equipment.
  • Rehearse scoring procedures with all on-hill personnel.
  • Send runner to Chief of Calculations with pacesetter time upon judges determination.
  • Send runners with scores every ten (10) competitors.
  • Keep pace of event on schedule.
  • Inform Chief of Competition on all rule infractions or scoring errors necessitating a rerun or Jury ruling*
  • Check scoring for accuracy regularly during event.
  • Collect all equipment and unused forms from scoring personnel at the conclusion of the event. Deliver to registration area.
  • Review calculations with Chief of Calculations immediately following event.
  • (See Appendix for "start dialogue" procedure).

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