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Chief of Gate Judges is responsible for recruiting, training and organizing sufficient Gate Judges for the competition. They should be prepared to undertake any training of Gate Judges prior to the competition and issue them with a clear and concise set of instructions of their duties.

They must place each Gate Judge in a strategic position to perform their duties and designate the gates they are responsible for.

Each Gate Judge must be easily identifiable. They must have with them all the required material to perform their duties: clipboard with cover, Gate Judge cards, pencils and a start lists. Each Gate Judge is issued with a GJ card for each race and instructed in the proper method of filling in the card.

During the competition, the Chief of the Gate Judges must continually work with the Gate Judges to ensure that the team members perform their duties effectively. They should also make sure of their comfort.

The Gate Judge is the most important official during the race and only through efficient gate judging will a race be successful.

A Gate Judge is responsible for judging the passage of each competitor through the gates and deciding whether the passage is correct. If there is any doubt the advantage must always go to the competitor. Incorrect passage results in disqualification.

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