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[edit] 3045.3 Calculation of Scores

3045.3.1 All published scores are to be rounded down or truncated to two (2) decimal places and used in further calculations only in the truncated form. These results and scores include; Moguls times, Moguls speed calculations, average of Moguls scores, total Aerials results, tie breaking formulae and combined calculations. The Degree of Difficulty (DD) are always presented in their original form. (see 6006 Judges Manual)

3045.3.2 The total score from the Finals determines the winner. This system is effected by specific variations in scoring procedures in each competition as outlined in the FIS Freestyle Judging Manual, Aerials 6000, Moguls 6200, Dual Moguls 6300, Halfpipe 6400 and Ski Cross 4500.

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