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== '''[[Moenchengladbach GER]]''' == == '''[[Moenchengladbach GER]]''' ==
[[Image:1843841677.jpg|600px]] [[Image:1843841677.jpg|600px]]
 +[[Image:Long shot finish area BA GER DEc 2016.jpg|600px]]
 +[[Image:BA Ramp GER Dec 2016 jumping.jpg|600px]]
[[Image:M Gladbach GER Big Air.png|600px]] [[Image:M Gladbach GER Big Air.png|600px]]
Line 36: Line 40:
[[Image:Moenchengladbach WC GER BA Ramp.jpg|600px]] [[Image:Moenchengladbach WC GER BA Ramp.jpg|600px]]
-[[Image:Moenchengladbach WC GER ramp construction|600px]]+[[Image:Moenchengladbach WC GER ramp construction.jpg|600px]]
 +[[Image:Moenchengladbach GER Ramp Drone 2.jpg|600px]]
== '''[[Quebec City CAN]]''' == == '''[[Quebec City CAN]]''' ==
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== '''[[Alpensia KOR]]''' == == '''[[Alpensia KOR]]''' ==
 +[[Image:Alpensia KOR BA WC site 2016.jpg|600px]]
 +[[Image:Alpensia BA WC OWG test comp Nov 2016.jpg|600px]]
[[Image:Alpensia KOR SB WC OWG test 2016.jpg|600px]] [[Image:Alpensia KOR SB WC OWG test 2016.jpg|600px]]
 +[[Image:Alpensia KOR BA WC SB 2016.jpg|600px]]
[[Image:Bi Air Korea Alpensia 2016-10-27.jpeg|600px]] [[Image:Bi Air Korea Alpensia 2016-10-27.jpeg|600px]]
Line 52: Line 64:
[[Image:Korea Big Air 2016-10-25.jpeg|600px]] [[Image:Korea Big Air 2016-10-25.jpeg|600px]]
 +== '''Also See''' ==
 +*'''[[Mogul and Dual Mogul Course Examples]]'''
 +*'''[[Aerial Site Photos]]'''
 +*'''[[Ski Cross Course Drawings]]'''
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[edit] Boston USA

[edit] Milano ITA

[edit] Moenchengladbach GER

[edit] Quebec City CAN

[edit] Alpensia KOR

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