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See for here for detailed information regarding the bibs for Freestyle Skiing; [1]

FIS Freestyle World Cup Bibs

5.1 Leader Bibs

The FIS logo with the text ‘Freestyle FIS World Cup’, (written above the logo) will be placed in the centre area replacing the number ‘1’ on the leader bib for each event. On both the left and right shoulders strap of this bib, the FIS logo shall be positioned.

The top part of the bib shall display the event sponsor and the lower part of the bib the ski area or tourism region. The LO guarantees that the leader bibs will be distributed and used by the competitors concerned at the respective competition. The LO shall be sent artwork by the FIS for the preparation of the competition bibs, including the leader and past season winner bibs. The costs for the production of the bibs are responsibility of the LO.

5.1.1 Current Leader Bib

A Freestyle FIS World Cup leader ‘yellow’ bib will be prepared and will be worn by the respective leader or in the case of the start of the season, the previous season winner, as entered into each event.

5.1.2 Past Season Winner Bib

A special Freestyle FIS World Cup Past Season Winner ‘blue’ bib will be prepared and will be worn by the respective Past Season winner, as entered into each event. If the Past Season Winner and present Leader of the Freestyle FIS World Cup are the same person then the Yellow Bib will be used for the competition.

5.1.3 New Leader Bib

After the competition is finished, there will be a presentation to the new Freestyle FIS World Cup leader. This special presentation ceremony will take place in the finish area or at another time as agreed to by the FIS. The bib for this presentation shall be supplied by the FIS.

5.1.4 Competition Bibs

The FIS logo (25-30cm square) must be put on both the left and right shoulders of the starting bibs for all competitions.


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