Beijing China, October 31- November 1st, 2009 TD Clinic

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The first-ever FIS Freestyle Skiing Technical Delegate seminar in China took place in Beijing last week. The participants included 12 TD candidates from Harbin, Beijing, Changchun and Shenyang, all Freestyle Skiing hot spots in China.

Joe Fitzgerald, FIS Freestyle Coordinator, commented: "We have lots of enthusiasm in China for Freestyle Skiing. They have top ranked aerialists and recently formed a moguls team that will try to qualify for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games."

"They are very interested in developing technical officials." Fitzgerald continued, ' There was a lot of snow that fell on Sunday and the TDs said that was just good luck. We had just finished a section on snow preparation and the next day it snowed 20 centimeters. It was reported on Monday in the newspapers that Weather Modification Office had seeded the clouds with silver iodide and that caused the snow to fall in such great amounts, 4 weeks earlier than normal and it was the first snowfall on that date since 1988. The new snow delayed most of the air flights out of the Capital City airport.'

More Freestyle Skiing TD seminars will continue to be held over the next few weekends around the world.

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