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[edit] Ceremonies: Guidelines for FIS World Cup events

The following document is intended to provide guidance for the organisation of the Winners Presentation at FIS World Cup Events. Due to specific discipline requirements and venue infrastructure, the procedures and set up may need to be altered. The organisation and procedures for the winner’s presentation (immediately following the completion of the race race) should be jointly arranged between the responsible person from the FIS and the Organising Committee.

[edit] Competition

[edit] Opening of competition

  • Each FIS World Cup competition shall be opened with a short ceremony with the FIS fanfare, the national anthem of the organising nation, the official announcement of the World Cup and the competition.

Further elements might be:

  • Presentation of national flags of participating nations by children
  • Cultural show/ activities

[edit] During the competition

  • The leader of the race must be available for the TV at the exit gate / finish area / dedicated leader position (for example leader chair in Cross-Country or leader board in Ski Jumping. and Alpine)
  • During the commercial breaks the TV stations which have installed a moderation place in the finish area have the possibility to make short interviews with the leader of the race or athletes from single nations with prior approval from the FIS finish area official.

[edit] Conclusion of the competition

  • The Winners Presentation should take place in the finish area immediately following the conclusion of the competition.

[edit] General information - Winners Presentation

  • Each FIS World Cup competition shall be concluded with a Winners Presentation which may be part of the Live TV transmission. The beginning time should be agreed in advance with the Host Broadcaster if it is to be transmitted.
  • Immediately after the last athlete arrives in the finish area a picture of the three best ranked athletes should be made for the live TV camera in front of the exit gate. The second and third placed athletes should already be positioned in front of the exit gate and the winner joins them.

If desired, it is possible to close the live transmission immediately after the last racer with an emotional picture of the three best placed athletes. This guarantees advertisement for the starting bib sponsor and the team sponsors.

  • After one flash interview for the host broadcaster from the finish area, the winner’s presentation takes place on the winner‘s podium. The first, second and third placed athletes take part.
  • An attractive podium with the official FIS World Cup back wall must be set up for the official winner’s presentation. This will typically be provided by the World Cup Presenting Sponsor/handling team.
  • The OC should assign appropriate officials/guests to hand over the prizes.
  • Awards can be in the form of a medal, trophy or special gift.
  • The procedure and speech throughout the presentation should be carried out as mentioned in the run down “Winners Presentation”.
  • Depending on an early agreement and fixation of the programme between the FIS and the Organising Committee, the official Winners Presentation with the 3 best ranked athletes should take place in the finish area.

If the official prize giving ceremony is to take place in the evening, e.g. before the athletes start bib presentation of the next race, then only flowers will be handed out during the winner’s presentation directly after the race.

[edit] Technical Requirements - Winners Presentation

  • An attractively designed podium with sufficient space for 6 athletes per winner’s place, (e.g. as needed for team competitions), with steps down from the first place to the third place. A table can be placed near the podium for the awards, flowers etc.
  • Back-wall with branding elements representing the FIS World Cup sponsor. This will be typically provided by the World Cup sponsor agency/handling team.
  • Depending on the finish area infrastructure four flagpoles (3 for the winners plus none in the case of a tie) may be placed to the side of the podium to hoist the respective flags of the successful athletes. The poles should be positioned in such a way that the athletes can see them during the winner’s presentation.
  • Professional speaker positioned near the podium from where he/she makes the presentation in multilingual announcements.
  • Roped off area in front of the podium behind which the photographers are positioned during the ceremony.
  • The OC / National Ski Federation should assign honorary guests to hand over the awards. Presenters can be:
    • Representatives of the OC, NSA and the FIS
    • Representatives of the site, region, nation
    • Personalities such as former World Champions or World Cup Winners.
  • The successful FIS World Cup overall leader respectively the FIS World Cup discipline leader (depending to the FIS rule per discipline), will be handed out the current “Leader bib”, and the athlete wears the “Leader bib” for the winner’s presentation.

[edit] Also see

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