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Ankle flexpoint Usually a flat bolt, allows the skier to move forward and change stance when skiing.

Many boots have an adjustment so you can adjust the boots' stiffness to match a particular type of skiing, like soft snow or hard snow. It is usually located on the back of the boot, around ankle height.

Some boots offer a flex adjustment feature. This adjustment allows you to change the amount of resistance to the forward movement of your ankle. You can make this flex stiffer or softer. People often use this feature to compensate the flexibility changes of the boot under cold and warm weather conditions as well as to adjust for changing snow conditions.

The flexibility of a boot is referred to as the flex or stiffness. Flex is indicated by what is referred to as the flex rating. The concept behind a boot’s flex is simple: the better skier you are, the stiffer the boot you will want. The key to skiing well is having a direct connection from your knee to the ski. With a more advanced ski, you need to drive it more to properly engage it. If you push your knee forward, and it flexes the boot instead, you’re losing a lot of power. In contrast, for beginner and intermediate skiers, a boot that’s too stiff will make it so that you cannot flex enough to initiate the ski in the first place.

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