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-== '''Key Rule Book References''' ==+== '''[[International Competition Rules]]''' ==
[[3020.1]], [[3020.2.2]], [[3032.3.3.9]], [[3032.3.3.10]], [[3041]], [[3065.1]], [[3065.2]]. [[3020.1]], [[3020.2.2]], [[3032.3.3.9]], [[3032.3.3.10]], [[3041]], [[3065.1]], [[3065.2]].

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Job Descriptions

The Air Bump Crew has the responsibility of preparing, maintaining, the air bumps.

They must insure that all courses conform to the air bump specifications required by rules, safety inspection and that other requirements of the TD, the Jury and Organizing Committee are fulfilled. They must develop a close working relationship the air bump shapers with mountain personnel for the construction and maintenance of air bumps and surrounding courses sections.


  • perform of all course work.
  • Work with the Jump and Air Bump Shapers
  • Maintains contact with Chief of Competition.
  • Must communicate with the TD as requested.
  • Be aware of changing weather conditions and its requirements for course maintenance.
  • Coordinates area personnel and equipment.
  • Snow removal, if required

Reports To

Freestyle Equipment List

International Competition Rules

3020.1, 3020.2.2, 3032.3.3.9, 3032.3.3.10, 3041, 3065.1, 3065.2.

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