Aerials Judging And Scoring

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Aerials Judging And Scoring

Each jump will be judged out of 30.0 points on three basic components by a panel of seven judges using a split scoring system. This score is then multiplied by a predetermined jump degree of difficulty to come up with the competitor’s final score.

The breakdown of scoring components: Air + Form – 70 % (Air 20%, Form 50%) Landing – 30%

Air and Form Air and form make up a combined 70 percent of the total score and five judges evaluate each aerialist’s jump on a 7.0 scale. The high and low marks are discarded and the three remaining scores are added together with a maximum score of 21.0.

Landing The landing makes up the last 30 percent and two judges evaluate the landing on a 3.0 scale. The average of the two scores is then multiplied by three to obtain the overall landing mark, with the maximum score of 9.0.

Total The total jump score is the sum of the air, form and landing multiplied by the jump’s DD (degree of difficulty). The maximum score is 30.0. The maximum degree of difficulty is 4.9, so the maximum possible score for one jump is 147.

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