9th FIS Leaders Seminar 2010, Bratislava (SVK)

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''Dimitrije Lazarovski'', NSA SRB [http://wiki.fisski.com/images/Lazarovski_NSA_SRB.pdf] ''Dimitrije Lazarovski'', NSA SRB [http://wiki.fisski.com/images/Lazarovski_NSA_SRB.pdf]
-''Petra Kurcabova'', NSA SVK [ftp://ftp.fis-ski.com/Seminar/Leaders%20Seminar/SVK%20Petra%20NEU.pdf]+''Petra Kurcabova'', NSA SVK [http://wiki.fisski.com/images/SVK_Petra_Kurcabova.pdf]
''Julia Syparenko'', NSA UKR [ftp://ftp.fis-ski.com/Seminar/Leaders%20Seminar/UKR%20Julia%20Siparenko.pdf] ''Julia Syparenko'', NSA UKR [ftp://ftp.fis-ski.com/Seminar/Leaders%20Seminar/UKR%20Julia%20Siparenko.pdf]

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9th FIS Leaders Seminar 2010, Bratislava (SVK)

More than 45 participants representing 30 nations belonging to the FIS Aid & Promotion program gathered from 29th - 31st October 2012 in Bratislava (SVK) for the 9th FIS Leaders' Seminar. This year's seminar, organized by Josef Zenhäusern, FIS Aid & Promotion Consultant, and Sarah Fussek, Coordinator of the A&P program, was entitled "How to Upgrade a National Ski Association".

Following opening addresses by FIS President Gian Franco Kasper and Secretary General Sarah Lewis, the program included case studies by six different NSAs elaborating on their best practices of "What is done in different countries to upgrade the National Ski Association". Additional perspectives have been provided by FIS Partners Garaventa/Doppelmayr and Sufag as well as Peter Jegen, journalist from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) in Switzerland who discussed the importance of the media in helping the development process.


Programm [1]


Dean Gosper, NSA AUS [2]

Leandro Ribela, NSA BRA [3]

Andreas Wenzel, NSA LIE [4]

Dimitrije Lazarovski, NSA SRB [5]

Petra Kurcabova, NSA SVK [6]

Julia Syparenko, NSA UKR [7]

Igor Zhukov, NSA KAZ [8]

Peter Jegen, NZZ [9]

Riikka Rakic, FIS Communications Manager [10]

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