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Return to '''[[4700]], [[International Competition Rules]] or [[Freestyle Skiing]]''' Return to '''[[4700]], [[International Competition Rules]] or [[Freestyle Skiing]]'''
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4800 Competitions under Artificial Light

The running of competitions under artificial lights is permitted.

4800.1 The Lighting Specifications

4800.1.1 The light level anywhere on the course may not be less than 80 lux, measured parallel to the surface. The lighting should be as uniform as possible. In case the competition will be broadcasted on Television the level of lighting has to be checked with the responsible person for TV production. Special arrangements have to be made as required individually.

4800.1.2 The floodlights must be so placed that the light does not alter the topography of the slope. The light must show the competitor the exact picture of the terrain and must not alter the depth perception and exactness.

4800.1.3 The lights shall not cast the competitor's shadow into the racing line and shall not blind the competitor by glare.

4800.1.4 Obstacles and buildings in the immediate vicinity of the course must be clearly lighted.

4800.2 Lighting Inspection and Course Setting

The TD together with the Jury must check ahead of time that the lighting conforms to the rules. The organisers shall provide him with light meters having cosine correction.

4800.2.1 The TD must submit a supplementary report on the quality of the lighting.

4800.2.2 The course setter must set the course on the section of the race course which is best lighted.

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