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[edit] 4700 Freestyle Team Competition Rules

[edit] 4700.1 Type of Team Competitions

The team competition rules can be used in the aerial and mogul competi-tions. The competitions can either be in the men's competition or the ladies competition or a mixed competition of ladies and men.

[edit] 4700.2 Team Size

Maximum team size of three (3) competitors on one team. Teams can be made up of male or female competitors or a mixed team of male and female competitors. No more than two competitors can be of one gender on each mixed team. There needs to be at least 5 or more ladies or men’s teams to hold those competitions separately, if not then the mixed team competition will be held.

[edit] 4700.3 Number of teams per Nation

One team is allowed per Nation.

[edit] 4700.4 Competition Format

There are three competition rounds. Each competitor can only take part in one round and take one run.

[edit] 4700.5 Draw and Starting List

The start order for the first round is based on a random draw of the nation (not the competitors name). The competitor is named in the start gate just before the run. In the second and third round, the nations run in the reverse order of the ranking of the previous round. The start order for the second round is based upon the results of the first round and the ranking is done by nation. The start order for the third round is based upon the results of the second round. The ranking after each round is announced.

[edit] 4700.6 Ranking

Each score from each team member is added up and the teams are ranked after each round according to these totals. The national team with the highest total score after the third rounds wins. All other teams are ranked according to their scores.

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