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4501.1.1 Courses for all competitions must be a minimum of 130 vertical meters to a maximum 250 vertical meters. The same course may be used for, men and ladies. Average slope should be between 12º-22º.

4501.1.2 The total skiing time for a course shall be between 35 – 60 seconds.

4501.1.3 The following additional criteria shall apply to course specifications;

4501.1.3.1 World Cup, World Championships and OWG

Length: 1050m ± 150m

Vertical Drop: 215m ± 35m

4501.1.3.2 Continental Cup

Length: minimum 750m

Vertical Drop: minimum 165m

4501.1.3.3 National Championships / FIS

Length: minimum 650m

Vertical Drop: minimum 130m

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