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4305 Competition Procedures (also see Rule no. 3060.2.2)

[edit] 4305.1 Dual Moguls Competition Format

The Dual Moguls competition can be carried out using two formats. In one format, Duals are done from the beginning of the competition and in the other format; Duals are done in the Finals. In the second format, the qualification for the Final is done with a modified form of Moguls competition.

[edit] 4305.2 Dual Moguls with Seeded Groups

4305.2.1 Seeding for Qualification

Seeding will be done according to the most recent FIS World Cup standings for Dual Moguls, with the exception of the first two competitions each season, which shall use the previous season’s standings. Any ties shall be broken by a random draw. The top 32 competitors will be seeded with the top 16 being seeded according to the place and the top 17 to 32 competitors being randomly drawn and seeded according to the drawn number between 17 and 32. All other competitors (any greater than 32) would be randomly drawn to a number greater than 33 and be placed at the corresponding number on the ladder (see the draw list attached).

4305.2.2 Assignment of Red and Blue Courses

Color (or side) of course will be predetermined in the following manner:

  • Round of 112 top competitor in pairing will be red
  • Round of 64 top competitor in pairing will be blue
  • Round of 32 top competitor in pairing will be red
  • Round of 16 top competitor in pairing will be blue
  • Round of 8 top competitor in pairing will be red
  • Round of 4 top competitor in pairing will be blue

Final Rounds top competitor in pairing will be red

In all cases, the left side (looking up the hill) will be the Blue course and the right side will be the Red course. The ranking to the eighth place will be determined by skiing. From the ninth place, it stays as is.

[edit] 4305.3 Dual Final with Single Qualification

A single Moguls run will be used to qualify and seed competitors for Dual format Finals. Final formats can consist of the following number of competitors; 8, 16, 24 or 32 competitors. Only top 4 places will be determined by ‘dualing off’.

4305.3.1 Qualification / Moguls

The Moguls course will be divided into duals lanes (red / blue) for the Qualification run and the Final rounds.

4305.3.2 Starting Order

The order that the competitors start in shall be according to the starting list. Competitors with odd start order (start 1, 3, 5 etc), start on the red course and competitors with even start order (2, 4, 6 etc) will start on the blue course.

4305.3.3 Final / Dual Moguls

The organiser can propose to the FIS the number of the competitors to have in the Final. The program ought to be around a 45 to 75 minutes of skiing.

4305.3.3.1 The results from the Qualification are used select competitors for the Fi-nals.

4305.3.3.2 The rankings of 1, 2, 3, 4, shall be determined by duals.

4305.3.3.3 The remaining rankings shall be based upon the results from the Qualification according to which rounds the competitors advance from.

Competitors losing rounds in the round of 16, (place 9 to 16) shall be placed from the results from the qualification rank.

Competitors losing rounds in the round of 8, (place 5 to 8) shall be placed from the results from the Qualification rank.

4305.3.3.4 Based upon the results of the Qualification, the higher ranked competitor can decide to ski in either the blue or the red course.

The higher ranked competitor must inform The Starter / Start officials of their decision in the start area in a reasonable time before the start of that round.

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