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3060 Competition Protocol

3060.1 Definition of Competition

Freestyle competitions consist of five events:

- Aerials AE

- Dual Moguls DM

- Moguls MO

- Ski Cross SX

- Halfpipe HP

Freestyle competitions must provide the opportunity for both ladies and men to compete.


3060.2 Competition Procedures

                            In all International FIS authorized competitions, in all competitions, there will generally be:

3060.2.1 Competition Format

                            -    A Qualification Run (consisting of all competitors);

                            -    A Final Run(s) or Rounds.

3060.2.2 Reverse Order for Final

                            In the Finals, the qualifying competitors will start in reverse order or set into groups, based on their placing from the Qualification results. Results from the Qualifications do not carry over into results from the Finals.

3060.2.3 Altering the Formats

                            -    The Jury may alter this format to be only Finals in the following circumstances:

                            -    the number of competitors is equal to or less than the size of the normal Finals field for that competition.

                            -    inclement weather or snow conditions.

                            -    any other adverse conditions which may require a shortened program.

3060.2.4 Interruption of Competition

                            If there is an interruption of a competition, the competition should be resumed when conditions warrant. The results completed before the interruption will remain valid if it is possible to complete the competition on the same day. Otherwise, the results prior to the interruption will be cancelled except if the Qualifications have been completed. In that case, only the Finals will be postponed or re-run, but must be completed on the same competition site. If the Finals cannot be completed, the results of the Qualifications will be final.

3060.2.5 Scheduled approval by FIS

                            If an Organiser wishes to run more than one competition in one day, the competition program must be approved by the FIS.

3060.2.6 Moguls

                            In the Moguls competition, all competitors will make one run down the course. The qualified ladies and men as specified in rule 3043.7.1 shall move to the Finals.

3060.2.7 Dual Moguls

                            Dual Moguls is either a series of one-run duals or a Single Qualification and with a Dual Final. In the Final the winner of each round advances to the next round. Ultimately, the last two remaining will ski against each other for first place.

3060.2.8 Aerials

                            In Aerials, 3 formats, may be used; the Final, the Standard or the Championship. There are two options for the final rounds in the Final format.

                            For all formats, the start list for the first round shall be determined by a random draw.

                            In all formats, at least one round must be completed for the results of the competition to be valid.

                            The start order for the second round may be in reverse order of the results of the first round.

                            If two rounds have been completed in a competition, then the score of the first jump shall be added to the score of the second jump for a combined score made of two different jumps.

                            If a round cannot be completed, then the results from the most recent completed round shall be valid.


3060.2.8.1          Aerials Final Format

                            In the Final format, all competitors shall compete in qualification rounds consisting of one jump. There can be two options for the final round. In the first option, after the qualification rounds, the top 12 ladies and top 12 men shall advance to the Final rounds. The finalists will take one additional jump and these results shall be added to those from the first round. The remainder of the field will be ranked according to the results in the qualification round. In the Final round, the competitors shall run in reverse order of the placing in the qualification round.

                            In the second option, the top 8 competitors from the qualification will be seeded into the Final, which will consist of a series of elimination heats, semi final rounds and final rounds.

                            In each round, there is a series of heats with a pairing of two competitors. The start order of the Final round will be based upon the qualification results and the results of each heat. The winner of each heat will advance into the next round and eventually the winner will be determined in the Final heat.

                            In each heat, the competitor with the higher score will advance to the next round and be paired against the competitor from other heats based upon a ladder. (see 4008.8).


3060.2.8.2          Standard Format

                            In the Standard format, all competitors shall have two rounds. The rounds are run as individual competitions. The results from both rounds are added together and ranked. If both rounds cannot be completed then the results from the first round will be valid.


3060.2.8.3          Championship Format

                            In the Championship format, all competitors shall compete in a Qualification competition consisting of one or two rounds. The qualified competitors as specified in rule 3043.8 will move to the Finals. These finalists shall each have two rounds in the Finals. In the Finals, the competitors shall run in reverse order of the placing in the Qualification competition. The remainder of the field will be ranked according to the results in the Qualification.


3060.2.8.4          Major Competition Format

                            World Ski Championships and Olympic Winter Games shall use the Championship format.

                            If either, a Championship format Qualifications and Finals or two different Standard or Final competitions, are scheduled they must be done over two days (e.g.: Qualifications on one day, Finals on another day).

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