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3057 Re-Runs

A Jury member can authorise a conditional re-run, on condition that the reasons for it are later confirmed.

The competitor may start in the middle of the interval between two successive competitors, immediately after reporting to The Starter. (Exception as in 3057.11)

If the competitor has already been disqualified before the incident for which a re-run was granted, the re-run will not be valid.

A competitor may appeal to a member of the Jury for a re-run immediately after having been obstructed during his run; they must, however, leave the course as soon as possible. The following are considered acceptable circumstances:

3057.1 Obstruction by an official or a spectator.

3057.2 Obstruction by an animal.

3057.3 Obstruction by a competitor who has fallen and has not cleared the course on time.

3057.4 Objects on the course, such as ski poles abandoned by a competitor in a fall.

3057.5 First aid measures which obstructed the competitor.

3057.6 Failure of course to be properly maintained.

3057.7 Any other similar occurrences, outside the competitors’ control, causing him to fall, slowing him down or lengthening his course, thus significantly influencing the result.

3057.8 Complete failure of timing systems. (see 3044.5)

3057.9 Failure of judges to observe competitors run.

3057.10 In the Aerials competition a re-run may be granted for loss of 'ski'(s) after take off and before landing. Only one such re-run shall be granted for each round.

3057.11 In the Aerials competition, a competitor may, after starting down the inrun, stop and refuse to jump. However, a competitor may only re-start 1 (one) time in each round. Each Form Judge shall deduct 0.5 points from the score achieved for that jump. If the competitor refuses more than once, a DNS will be issued to the competitor for that jump only.

A competitor awarded a re-start for this reason shall be re-inserted in the start order after the following three competitors in this round (first or second jump). Should fewer than three competitors remain to jump in this round, the re-starting competitor shall be inserted at the end of the list.

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