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3051 Postponement or Cancellation of a Competition

The Jury has the right to cancel a competition or an entire competition.

The procedure to make-up the competition (or competition) must be decided upon by the Jury after the immediate completion of the competition. If the competition cannot be conducted, then the TD must consult with the FIS Coordinator to determine a ruling on making up the competition at a later date or permanently cancel the competition.

If a competition is cancelled or postponed, for whatever reason, notice must be given immediately by e-mail or telefax to the FIS Office and all nations concerned (see 214.3). If a competition is postponed, notice of the re-scheduled date and location must be circulated immediately. The re-scheduled competition shall be treated as a completely new competition (i.e.: entries can change, new start order, etc.).

The TD can decide to interrupt or cancel a competition (wind, fog, avalanche, blizzard, etc.)

If a competition is to be made up, then the scheduling of the competition must not interfere with the time necessary to conduct any other competi-tion. Under severe circumstances the Qualification may be eliminated and the Finals only may be conducted, provided the official practice time is available.

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