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[edit] 3050 Protests

[edit] 3050.1 Pre-Conditions for a Protest

No protest shall be considered by the Jury unless:

- The written protest has been made within the time limits under 3050.3.

- The reason for the protest and a sum of 50 CHF or it’s equivalent in other currency has to be handed to the Jury. If the protest is accepted, the sum will be reimbursed, if not, the FIS retains the sum.

[edit] 3050.2 Examination of Protests

The Jury will meet as soon as logistically possible, taking into consideration the urgency of the request (i.e.: re-run required).

The Jury will invite, for a discussion on protests, the starter and other officials involved, possible witnesses, the competitor concerned and the protesting Team Captain. In addition, any other material such as videotape, film, photographs, etc., shall be examined. Only the members of the Jury will be present for the final decision on the protest. This must have the support of a majority of the entire membership of the Jury, not only of those present.

In case of a tie, the Chairman of the Jury’s vote shall be decisive. The decision shall be posted on the Official Notice Board immediately after the hearing, with the time of posting. The Chairman of the Jury will preside at the hearing.

Minutes of the hearing must be taken and must be signed by the Chairman of the Jury.

Protests concerning re-runs shall be examined immediately by the Jury

[edit] 3050.3 Different Types of Protests

[edit] 3050.3.1 Protests Concerning Qualification

Protests against the qualification of a competitor must be delivered in writing before the beginning of the draw of the competition, to the place designated on the Official Notice Board.

[edit] 3050.3.2 Protests Concerning the Course

Protests concerning the course must be presented in writing to The Chief of Course or Jury member in good time before the last official training.

[edit] 3050.3.3 Protests During the Competition

A competitor or Team Captain who protests against any action by another competitor or an official during the competition must take his protest to a Jury member within 15 minutes of completion of the last competition run of that round of competition.

[edit] 3050.3.4 Protests Concerning Disqualification

A protest against disqualification must be sent in writing to the place indicated on the Official Notice Board. Such a protest must be received within one hour after the posting of disqualification. In case of doubt over a disqualification, the competitor is entitled to a "provisional" start.

[edit] 3050.3.5 Protests Concerning Timing

Protests concerning an error in timing must be delivered within one hour after the posting of the unofficial list of results to the place notified on the Official Notice Board.

[edit] 3050.3.6 Protests Concerning False Calculation and Clerical Errors

A complaint, based not on an alleged breach of the rules on the part of an official or a competitor, but on an alleged error in calculating the results, shall be considered, if sent by registered letter through the competitors’ National Ski Association at any time within one month of the date of the competition. If the mistake shall be proved, a corrected list of results shall be published and the prizes redistributed.

[edit] 3050.3.7 Protests Concerning Re-Runs

Protests concerning re-runs must be submitted within 15 minutes of the infraction, to the Jury.

[edit] 3050.4 Appeals

A competitor at a competition which has been organised by an association or a club affiliated with a National Ski Association may appeal against the decision of the Jury to the National Association of which the organising club is a member.

A competitor may further appeal to the FIS through his own National Ski Association against the decision of the Jury (see rule 225).

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