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[edit] 3044 The Finish Area

[edit] 3044.1. Aerials and Halfpipe Finish Area

The Finish Area for the Aerials and Halfpipe competition must be satisfactorily large enough to allow the competitor to stop. All fences and barriers must be in place.

[edit] 3044.2 Moguls, Dual Moguls and Ski Cross Finish Areas

The Finish Area for Moguls, Dual Moguls and Ski Cross competitions must be a smooth area equal to the width of the course, for at least 20 m from the finish line. The finish line will be 8 - 10 meters wide. The area 3 (three) meters before the timing light must be smooth in order that the competitor will not pass above the timing electric light.

[edit] 3044.3 Finish Area Fencing

The Finish Area is to be completely fenced in. Any unauthorized entry must be prevented. For competitors who have finished their runs, a special area, separated from the actual Finish area, is to be provided. In that area, contact with the media (written and audio-visual) shall be made possible.

[edit] 3044.4 Determination of Finish

With electric timing, the time is taken when a competitor crosses the line between the finishing posts with any part of his body or equipment and so breaks the contact. For Ski Cross see rule 4505; For Halfpipe see rule 4611.1

[edit] 3044.5 Failure of Electronic Timing

3044.5.1 In the case of the failure of all official timing systems, a re-run shall be granted.

3044.5.2 In the event of timing failure every effort should be made to procure an accurate time, i.e.: back-up hand timing, possibly video. If no time can be decided, the competitor will receive a re-run.

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