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3041.1 Communications / Internet Connection

For all international competitions, there must be direct communication (telephone or radio, etc.) between the Start, judges stand and in the case of Ski Cross, Moguls and Dual Moguls, the Finish. In Olympic Winter Games, the communications must be assured by fixed wiring. In the data service area, access to the internet (at least ADSL speed) is required for World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Winter Games competitions.

3041.2 Timing Equipment

3041.2.1 Electric Timing

For all international competitions electric timing with communication be-tween Start and Finish must be used, which will allow measurement of the times to 100ths of a second. 1000ths of a second, even when measured and recorded, may not be published or used in the event of competitors being tied in the 1/100’s of a second.

3041.2.2 Height of Timing Cells

The photoelectric cells will be placed at a height of 1.0 meter for the start-ing light beam or at approximately 0.50 meters on the starting gates. The starting installation must be placed in such a way that starting is impossi-ble without it opening. The finish beam on the Moguls and Dual Moguls course should be at 1.0 meter high and the auxiliary finish beam at 0.75 meters.

3041.2.3 Independent Systems for Major Competitions

At World Ski Championships and Olympic Winter Games two independently functioning electric timing devices must be installed.

3041.2.4 Ski Cross Reaction Time

For the ski cross qualification and final, a reaction time will be measured and displayed at the start. The time will be measured from when the start gate is opened until a point 10 meters from the start gate. The reaction time will be measured and displayed to the 1/100ths of a second. This is required for World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Winter Games.

[[3041.2.5 Timing in Dual Moguls]]

In Dual Moguls, the timing is based upon the different in the time between the competitors as they cross the finish line. The first competitor that crosses the finish line, starts the time unit and the second competitor that crosses the finish line stops the timing unit.

3041.2.6 Timing Systems Approval

The timing devices must have the approval of the FIS.

3041.6 Timing and Data Area

The minimum size of the timing and data working area is 3.0 x 4.0 meters. Tables, chairs, electrical sources and heat need to be provided. The loca-tion of the timing and data area is defined according to the specific course specifications. The facility must be weather proof, heated inside and have toilet facilities available.

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