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3037 Competitors’ Equipment

The FIS Specifications for Competition Equipment and Commercial Markings contain the Rules for the Competitors' Equipment.

3037.1 Bibs

The shape and size of start numbers may not be changed on penalty of disqualification. All bibs must be worn correctly at all times during official training, competition and prize giving.

3037.2 Advertising

Advertising on material and equipment which is worn during competi-tions and training must conform to the FIS guidelines in Rule 206, 207 and 222.

3037.3 Equipment

Basic Rules concerning competitors’ equipment which are specific to the individual competitions can be found in section 4008.2 for Aerials; section 4206.1 for Moguls, 4306.1 for Dual Moguls and 4511 for Ski Cross.

Further definitions can be found in the FIS Equipment Rules, Section E.

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