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3034 Advisory Committees, Connection Coach and Jump Shapers Every FIS authorized international competition shall have Advisory Com-mittees formed prior to the start of competition to advise the Jury.

3034.1 Competitors’ Advisory Committees For each competition (ladies and men) there shall be a separate Competi-tors’ Advisory Committee, consisting of: - The Chief of Course - Two competitors’ representatives

3034.2 The Connection Coach For each event in every competition, one coach will be appointed as a Connection Coach at the Team Captains’ Meeting. The coach and competitors’ representatives may not be from the host na-tion.

3034.3 Role of Advisory Committee in the Competition

3034.3.1 The Competitors and Coach groups should inform the Jury or the FIS Freestyle Coordinator of its chosen representatives for the Advisory Com-mittees in due time; if none are identified, they will be appointed at the Team Captains’ Meeting.

3034.3.2 The members of the Advisory Committees report in an advisory manner directly to the Jury and are non-voting members of the Jury.

3034.3.3 The Advisory Committees shall monitor and provide input into all aspects of the competition pertaining to their participation.

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