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[edit] 3032 Jury

[edit] 3032.1 Composition

The Jury consists of the following members who are members of the Organising Committee:

  • TD appointed by FIS (Chairman)(FS0610-10)

Members of the Jury in decision-making situations, each have one vote with the Chairman having the deciding vote. Members of the Jury must all be from different countries as follows:

3 Different Countries 2 Different Countries
Olympic Winter Games Continental Cups
World Cup FIS International competitions
World Championships

Junior Championships

Advisory Committees as per 3034 will act in an advisory capacity to the Jury, but will not have a vote.

3032.1.1 The voting members of the Jury must be positioned on the course at all times and be in communication with one another.

3032.1.2 The Jury has the right to cancel, interrupt or postpone a competition in any case where to continue could, in the Jury’s estimation, be inadvisable on grounds of safety or fairness.

Causes for cancellation shall include but not be limited to:

  • Insufficient snow on and beside the course;
  • Inadequate or uneven preparation of the snow surface on the course;
  • Insufficient protective measures;
  • Insufficient organisation of crowd control;
  • Extreme cold: if the temperature measured at the Start falls below -20°C, the Jury must meet to consider delaying training or competition until the temperature rises to - 20°C or above, or cancelling the competition if it judges that a rise to an acceptable temperature is unlikely. The decision to interrupt a competition may be final or temporary. See rule 3060.2.

3032.1.3 The Jury examines, evaluates and takes the necessary decisions on protests. Minutes must be taken of such discussions.

3032.1.4 The Jury has the right to grant a provisional re-run.

3032.1.5 The Jury has the right to determine the maximum Degree of Difficulty or choose to limit the number of somersaults performed in an aerial competition based upon the guidelines of the FIS Freestyle Committee, which limits the competition to either double flips with multiple twists or triple flips with a single twist.

The Jury has the choice to limit the Men’s Aerial competition to either 3.55 or 4.175 degree of difficulty. The Jury can limit the Ladies’ Aerial competition to 3.55 degree of difficulty.

3032.1.6 The Jury has the right to determine the choice of competition format for the Half Pipe. The Jury will determine the number of heats, and whether a Semi-Final is to be run, based on available time and number of entries. (FS1008-6a)

3032.1.7 Written minutes are to be kept of all meetings and decisions of the Jury and signed by each individual member of the Jury, with each individual vote on decisions recorded. They must be verified by the Chairman of the Jury and written in at least one official language of the FIS.

3032.1.8 A member of the Jury should periodically inspect the course during the competition.

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