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- [[The Chief of Scoring]]; - [[The Chief of Scoring]];
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- [[The Competition Secretary]]; - [[The Competition Secretary]];

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3020 The Competition Committee & Competition Officials

3020.1 The Competition Committee

3020.1.1 Appointments by the Organiser

The organiser appoints all other members of the organising committee. The chairman (or their representative) represents the committee in public, leads the meetings and makes decisions concerning all matters that are not made by other persons or groups. Before, during and after the competition they work closely with the International Ski Federation and their appointed officials. They take on all other duties that are necessary for carrying out the competition.

- The Chief of Competition;

- The Referee;

- The Chief of Course;

- The Course Designer;

- The Chief of Inrun and Chief of Jumps;

- The Chief of Maintenance;

- The Chief of Course Equipment;

- The Chief of Gate Judges;

- The Gate Judges;

- The Chief of Timing;

- The Chief of Scoring;

- The Finish Officials;

- The Competition Secretary;

- The Bib Coordinator;

- The Chief Steward;

- The Chief of Press;

- The Chief of Sound and DJ;

- The Chief of Medical and Rescue Services;

- The First Aid and Medical Service;

3030.1.2 Role of the Competition Committee

The Competition Committee is responsible for all technical matters, including the selection and preparation of the courses. The Competition Committee appoints all additional officials not already designated by the Organising Committee.

3020.2 Competition Officials

The TD, appointed by the FIS as per 3030.1, may not be an organiser (except at national or regional level) but, as a member of the Jury, is a member of the organising committee. The Organiser appoints the following officials. The most important officials and their duties are set out below:

3020.2.1 The Chief of Competition

The Chief of Competition directs and controls the work of all officials, summons the meetings of the Competition Committee for consideration on technical questions and generally acts as chairman of the Team Captains’ Meetings after consultation with the TD and the Referee. The Chief of Competition is also a member of the Jury.

3020.2.2 The Referee

The Referee will record the reports from The Chief of Gate Judges about the infraction of the rules and the gate faults at the end of heat and at the end of the competition. Checking, signing and posting referee minutes immediately after each heat on the official notice board.

3020.2.3 The Chief of Course

The Chief of Course is responsible for the preparation of the courses in accordance with the decisions of the Competition Committee and the Jury. They must be familiar with the local snow conditions on the terrain concerned.

3020.2.4 The Course Designer

Based upon the characteristics of the course and the Freestyle Course Specifications the Course Designer shall develop a plan and work schedule for the development of the course.

3020.2.5 The Chief of Inrun and Chief of Jumps

The Chief of Inrun and Chief of Jumps are assistants to the Chief of Course for Aerials. These officials prepare and maintain the different aerial jumps and associated transitions and inruns.

3020.2.6 The Chief of Maintenance

The Chief of Maintenance is responsible to control the work of side slippers and other course crews during competition and training in order to provide for the preparation of the slope.

3020.2.7 The Chief of Course Equipment

The Chief of Course Equipment is responsible for the provision of all equipment required for the preparation and maintenance of the courses.

3020.2.8 The Chief of Gate Judges

The Chief of Gate Judges is responsible for all The Gate Judges and the conveying of the necessary information to the Jury.

3020.2.9 The Gate Judges

A Ski Cross Competition must have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 Gate Judges placed appropriately on the entire length of the course so as to provide for a full visual reference of all gates and features to those Gate Judges. All Gate Judges must be able to communicate by radio to The Referee as well as The Chief of Gate Judges. All Gate Judges must be familiar with the rules governing a Ski Cross Competition and in particular those rules governing DSQ and Contact. A Gate Judge may be responsible for the supervision of one or more gates. A Gate Judge must observe accurately whether the passage of the competitor was correct through their area of observation and immediately report both in writing and by radio any gate faults or breaches of the rules.

3020.2.10 The Chief of Timing

The Chief of Timing is responsible for the co-ordination of officials at the Start and Finish, including timing equipment. The following officials are under his direction:

- Starter; (see 3042.1)

- Assistant Starter; (see 3042.2)

- Chief Timekeeper; (see 3042.3)

- Assistant Timekeeper.

3020.2.11 The Chief of Scoring

The Chief of Scoring is responsible for the ongoing verification of all scoring calculations during the competition. They must have a thorough working knowledge of all the rules concerning calculations of competition re-sults.

3020.2.12 The Finish Officials

The Finish Officials in the Moguls, Dual Moguls, Ski Cross and Halfpipe is responsible for checking that all jumps are landed in the course (a jump is landed in the course if the center of the skis are on the ground before the competitor crosses the line). In Ski Cross, they determine that finish order of the competitors. The Finish Official assists the Jury with RNS, DNS, DNF and DSQ rulings.

3020.2.13 The Competition Secretary

The Competition Secretary is responsible for all secretarial work for all aspects of the competition. They must ensure that the official results contain the information required by 3045. They are responsible for the minutes of The Competition Committee, Jury and Team Captains’ meetings. They must ensure that all forms for start, judging, timing, calculation and protests are properly prepared and delivered in good order at the proper time. They must ensure that results are duplicated and distributed properly immediately following the competition (see 3012.4).

3020.2.14 The Bib Coordinator

The Bib Coordinator is responsible for the preparation, assignment, distribution and collection of all Bibs provided to the competitors’ and other officials.

3020.2.15 The Chief Steward

The Chief Steward is responsible for extensive precautions to ensure that spectators are kept off all parts of the course. Sufficient personnel must be used according to an exact plan. Ropes or fences should be erected in due time. There should be sufficient space behind these barriers to permit free circulation of the spectators.

3020.2.16 The Chief of Press

The Chief of Press is responsible for all arrangements for Journalists, Photographers, Television and Radio reporters.

3020.2.17 The Chief of Sound and DJ

The Chief of Sound and DJ is responsible for all equipment and operation of sound installations.

3020.2.18 The Chief of Medical and Rescue Services

The Chief of Medical and Rescue Services is responsible for organising adequate first aid and medical coverage during the official training periods and the actual competition. They must arrange an appropriate facility to which injured competitors should be taken and treated. The Race Doctor coordinates plans with the Team Doctors before the start of the official training. During training and the races they must be in tele-phone or radio communication with his assistants. They must co-ordinate plans with the Chief of Competition before the start of the official training.

A Doctor, who should be a good skier, should be ready at the start to deal with any eventuality and has to stay in contact with the Jury and the members of the Rescue Service. This task can be delegated to a team doctor. Details of the Medical Support Requirements are given in Chapter 1 of the FIS Medical Guide (containing the Medical Rules and Guidelines).

3020.2.19 The First Aid and Medical Service

The first aid and medical services must be completely operational during all training times. Details of the Medical Support Requirements are given in Chapter 1 of the FIS Medical Guide (containing the Medical Rules and Guidelines).

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