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== '''Presentation of the Organizing Committee''' == == '''Presentation of the Organizing Committee''' ==
-*'''[[Chief of Competition]]'''([[MO]]/[[AE]]) Rick Schwinghammer CAN +*'''[[Chief of Competition]]''' ('''[[MO]]''' / '''[[AE]]''') Rick Schwinghammer CAN
-*'''[[Chief of Competition]]'''([[SX]]) Chris Moore CAN +*'''[[Chief of Competition]]''' ('''[[SX]]''') Chris Moore CAN
-* Chief of In-run (AE) Nico Fontaine CAN +* Chief of In-run ('''[[AE]]''') Nico Fontaine CAN
-* Assitant Chief of In-run (AE) Brett Wood CAN +* Assitant Chief of In-run ('''[[AE]]''') Brett Wood CAN
-* Assistant '''[[Chief of Competition]]''' Bruce Robinson CAN+* Assistant ''' [[Chief of Competition]]''' Bruce Robinson CAN
-*'''[[Chief of Course]]'''([[AE]]) Brad Suey CAN +*'''[[Chief of Course]] '''([[AE]]) Brad Suey CAN
-*'''[[Chief of Course]]'''([[MO]]) Paul Scwinghammer CAN +*'''[[Chief of Course]] '''([[MO]]) Paul Scwinghammer CAN
-*'''[[Chief of Course]]'''([[SX]]) Seb Fremont CAN +*'''[[Chief of Course]] '''([[SX]]) Seb Fremont CAN
*Chief of Race Office *Chief of Race Office

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Call to Order

Freestyle Skiing FIS link: [1]

Roll Call

ORIS Documents See FR_C65A

AUS Australia

AUT Austria

BLR Belarus

CAN Canada

CHN China

CZE Czech Republic

DAN Danmark

FIN Finland

FRA France

GER Germany

GBR Great Britain

GRE Greece

IRE Ireland

ITA Italy

JAM Jamaica

JPN Japan

LIE Liechtenstein

KAZ Kazakhstan

NZL New Zealand

NOR Norway

POL Poland

ROU Romania

RUS Russia

SLO Slovenia

SPA Spain

SUI Switzerland

SWE Sweden

UKR Ukraine

USA United States of America

Checking of Entries

The NOC Team Leaders are asked to check the entries and confirm with a signature that the their competitor are entered and that the spelling of the names are correct.

ORIS Document Requirements FR_C25, FR_C26, FR_C38, FR_C32E, FR_C30, FR_C32C

Welcome from the VANOC

Presentation of the Organizing Committee

  • Chief of In-run (AE) Nico Fontaine CAN
  • Assitant Chief of In-run (AE) Brett Wood CAN
  • Chief of Race Office
  • Grooming Crew
  • Grooming Crew (SX)
  • Secretariat Janet Gates CAN
  • Assistant Chief of Course

VANOC Staff and Venue Management

  • Sport Event Office
  • Sport Manager Eric Fremont VANOC
  • Volunteer Coordinator/Scheduler Lindsay Watson
  • Weather Forcaster/CYM1
  • Venue Operation Manager
  • PRD Supervisor 1(Media Centre) Bernard Leung
  • Venue General Manager Stuart Aldred
  • Workforce Venue Coordinator 2
  • Workforce Venue Manager

FIS Officials

  • FIS Assistant TD Walt Hiltner AUS

FIS Assistant TD (SX) Jerome Roche FRA

FIS TD (MO / AE / SX) Jeff Lange USA

Production Team

Chief of Sound


TV Liaison/Venue Producer

Presentation of the Jury & FIS Officials

3032/3033 Appointment of Jury (TD, Head Judge, Chief of Competition)

Program of the Week

See the schedule here

ORIS Documents C08 C07

Chairlift Access Lift access varies

Training & Competition (schedule distributed)

Ceremonies/Entertainment/Awards to immediately follow events on all days in the Finish Area.

Technical Delegate Report

The TD reported that the course have been measured.

FIS Report

New FIS Points List

We hereby inform you that the 4th FIS Freestyle points list 2009/2010 is available on the Internet.

Please download the list from:[2]

Aerial Groups

Ladies Group

Total 25

Men's Group

Total 25

Ski Cross

Ladies SX Group:

Total 35

Men's SX Group:

Total 35

Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee

Ladies Moguls

Men's Moguls

Ladies Aerials

Men's Aerials

Ladies Ski Cross

Men's Ski Cross

Connection Coaches

Aerial Shapers, Air Bump Shapers

Moguls Air Bump Shapers Connection Coaches 08-09

Jump Shaper:

Michael Roth (SUI) – 6

Denis Capicik (CAN) – 4

Ji Dong (CHN) – 5

Brian Currutt (USA) – 3

Daniel Murphy (CAN) – 2

Air Bump Shapers

Cypress, CAN

top FIN

Bottom JPN




Ski Cross:

Weather Forecast

Program of the Next Day – 2009

Information from the Organizers

Close of the Meeting/Next Meeting

Agenda Points postponed

To Do List

Vancouver 2010 Freestyle Skiing or Vancouver 2010 OWG Team Captains Meetings Details

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