11th FIS Leaders Seminar 2012, Yerevan (ARM)

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FIS Leaders Seminars

11th FIS Leaders Seminar 2012, Yerevan (ARM)



For more details, please see the programme here [1]


Participants of the seminar [2].

Seminar presentations

Edward Kensington, Project Manager Olympic Solidarity - The support of Olympic Solidarity to the Federations [3]

Sarah Lewis, FIS Secretary General - How to qualify for the next Olympic Games [4]

Markus Malsiner, FIS Alpine Training Camp Coordinator - Planned Training Camps of Aid & Promotion 2012/2013 [5]

Vladimir Petrov, Head of Sports Services Sochi 2014 - Sochi 2014 [ftp://ftp.fisski.ch/Seminar/Leaders%20Seminar%202012/07.02_Vladimir%20Petrov_FIS%20Leaders%20Seminar%20Yerevan.pdf ]


Increasing enthusiasm to support the organisation of events (volunteering) [6] - Andri Schmellentin, Marketing & Sales, FIS World Cup St. Moritz (SUI)

National Ski Associations Example by Kazakhstan [7], Igor Zhukov

World Snow Day [8] - Andrew Cholinski, FIS World Snow Day Assistant

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