10th FIS Leaders Seminar 2011, Budapest (HUN)

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FIS Leaders Seminars

10th FIS Leaders Seminar 2011, Budapest (HUN)

More than 40 participants representing 27 nations belonging to the FIS Aid & Promotion program gathered from 9th - 11th September 2011 in Budapest (HUN) for the 9th FIS Leaders' Seminar. This year's seminar was organized by Josef Zenhäusern, FIS Aid & Promotion Consultant, and Sarah Fussek, Coordinator of the A&P program.

Following opening addresses by Hungarian Ski Associations President Klara Kaszo, FIS Council member Dr. Sung-Won Lee and Secretary General Sarah Lewis, the first part of the program included lectures on liability and insurance issues at organising a ski or snowboarding event. Representatives of two insurance companies discussed various circumstances to take into consideration. In the second part, a representaive of a FIS World Cup Organising Committee from Switzerland presented their concept on how to increase enthusiasm ti support organising events (volunteering). The presentation was followed by another examplefrom Kazakhstan, were the 2011 Asian Games were held.

FIS Council member Dr. Sung-won Lee presented how he pursues the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang (KOR).

The concluding lecture reflected the in this season upcoming 1st World Snow Day, which will be held on 22nd January 2012, and was presented by a FIS representative.



For more details, please see the programme here [1].


Participants of the seminar [2].

Seminar presentations


Overview of latest FIS Activities, FIS Vision & Mission [3] Sarah Lewis, FIS Secretary General


Liability problems in organising ski and snowboard events, summary here [4] (full article has been distributed at the seminar)- Franco Pizzimenti, Maurer & Pizzimenti, Bern (SUI)

Possibilities for insuring FIS ski and snowboarding events [5] - Gary Flynn, AON Limited, London (GBR)


Increasing enthusiasm to support the organisation of events (volunteering) [] - Andri Schmellentin, Marketing & Sales, FIS World Cup St. Moritz (SUI)

National Ski Associations Example by Kazakhstan [6], Igor Zhukov

World Snow Day [7] - Andrew Cholinski, FIS World Snow Day Assistant

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