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PDF document: www.ussa.org [http://www.ussa.org/magnoliaPublic/dms/documents/2007-08/Johnny-sSkiSchool-2/Johnny_sSkiSchool%202.pdf] PDF document: www.ussa.org [http://www.ussa.org/magnoliaPublic/dms/documents/2007-08/Johnny-sSkiSchool-2/Johnny_sSkiSchool%202.pdf]
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Jhonny’s Skischool is a book whose rights were purchased by USSA, and whose text was subsequently translated into English. This document is a creative way of engaging youths in ski sports. The original materials in this publication are from Estonian author Kaarle Zilmer and the artist Ylle Meister.

Overall Focus

  • Relates stories of winter, snow, nature and folk wisdom
  • Teaches about ski tracks, downhill slopes and jumping performance
  • Provides advice about ski equipment
  • Teaches uphill and downhill, falling and recovery, turning and braking and all ski techniques
  • Describes all skiing as one sporting discipline
  • Offers reading and ideas to work on

Target Group

  • Children
  • Teachers/Coaches

All children who wish to learn to ski


  • United Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA)


The book is still available

Contact Information

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association


PDF document: www.ussa.org [1]

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