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The FIS Autumn Meetings 2011 took place in Zurich (SUI), Hotel Zurich Airport (SUI) from 5th October - 9th October 2011.


[edit] World Snow Day and Summer Activities at focus of FIS Youth Seminar

The traditional annual FIS Youth and Children's Seminar concluded on Wednesday, 5th October, with a pre-networking evening on the day before, opened by FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis and Ken Read, Chairman of the Coordination Group Youth & Children. More than 70 participants representing 45 National Ski Associations participated and contributed to a successful seminar. The morning session saw an excellent presentation by Jessy Numan, Project Manager of NOC Relations at the International Olympic Committee, leading the "Olympic Day" project. She shared her knowledge gained from promoting and developing this project and raised various points to be taken into consideration when participating at a global event.

Miss Numan was delighted to see "what steps and efforts have been taken by the International Ski Federation to set up the World Snow Day concept" and is especially glad "to see that the IOC and FIS have a common objective, namely to promote sport worldwide."

The presentation was followed by an update from FIS by Andrew Cholinski giving the participants a status summary of Nations that have joined the event and motivating more to join. As a good example of signed up Organizers, Best of the Alps, represented by Sammy Salm, shared their ideas on how to conduct the event on 22nd January 2012, the inaugural World Snow Day. Examples from National Ski Associations were given by Agniesczka Adamczyk and Renate Nadarkiewicz, representing Poland, Eduardo Valenzuela, representing Spain, and Julia Sypranko, representing Ukraine. Ken Read summarised that “we will all focus on 22nd January 2012. We see by the examples presented today, that it can be very innovative, very flexible and this inspiring event will gain its own momentum for the future."

Since the inaugural World Snow Day will be launched during the 1st Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck 2012, the seminar also included two presentations regarding this event. Sarah Lewis described the so-called CEP (Culture and Educational Program) that will be carried out in the Youth Olympic Village during games time and where the young athletes will learn many additional aspects han just competing at an event. Sports Director of IYOGOC, Christian Scherer, continued with an overall description of the event and updated the audience on the latest development on-site.

Helen Ingebretsen from the Norwegian Ski Association, in cooperation with Berni Schödler from Swiss Ski Association, and Harald Haim together with the Skigymnasium Stams, made it possible to transport and build up a small ski jumping hill, a freestyle hill, as well as an inline skating show course outside the Hotel Hilton Zurich Airport thanks to their fantastic efforts. School children from Switzerland and Norway were invited to experience the summer facilities under guidance of experienced coaches from Norway, Austria and Switzerland. Seminar participants were amazed to see the motivated children getting to know new sport disciplines. You can see the article from the Norwegian Ski Associations web site with pictures here [1].

Rea, 9 years, member of the Skiclub Gibswil, Switzerland, was one of the kids performing at the on-site ski jumping hill for the first time in her life. "A good friend of mine actually recommended to me earlier to try out ski jumping since it should be great fun," so she immediately took the opportunity to join the show today. "I just put on the small skis, got a short instruction from the coaches, and then i just jumped. Again and again. It was great fun." Well done Rea!

[edit] Programme

The 9th seminar programme [2]

[edit] Presentations

1. "IOC – Olympic Day, Key factors to be successful!" by Jessy Numan, Project Manager NOC Relations,International Olympic Committee [3]
2. "World Snow Day – Status report" by FIS Andrew Cholinski, World Snow Day Assistant [4]
3. "World Snow Day Concept Example I" by Sammy Salm, CEO Best of the Alps
4. "World Snow Day Concept Examples – impulse presentations from National Ski Associations" by Poland – Renata Nadarkiewicz, by Spain – Eduardo Valenzuela and by Ukraine – Julia Syparenko
5. "YOG 2012 Innsbruck – CEP programme" by Sarah Lewis, FIS Secretary General [5]
6. "Summer Activities, Nordic Disciplines" by Berni Schödler, Swiss Ski Association [6]

[edit] Working Groups:

  • Alpine, lead by Arno Staudacher
  • Nordic, led by Satu Kalajainen and Harald Haim [7]
  • Snowboard / Freestyle Skiing, led by Denis Giger

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