World Snow Days 2012

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[edit] World Snow Days 2012 Executive Summary

World Snow Days 2012
World Snow Days 2012

This report provides an analysis of the first edition of World Snow Day which took place on 22nd January 2012 and achieved incredible numbers.

  • 225 Organisers in 39 countries attracted over 200,000 participants to partake in a variety of snow activities, ranging from newcomers to snow (some 25%) to snow enthusiasts attracted by additional value for participation.

Examples of activities offered include free or discounted ski and snowboard lessons, free or discounted lift passes, free or discounted rental equipment, concerts, fun races, gifts and prizes as well as a new world record event.

The event Organisers ranged from ski and snowboard resorts to National Ski Associations, private event companies, ski and snowboard clubs, ski and snow-board schools, manufacturers and retailers.

A great majority of Organisers and participants have expressed a strong interest in participating in the second edition of World Snow Day which will take place 20th January 2013.

  • 3 events in southern hemisphere during winter
  • 5 global partners : Eurosport, Intersport, European Broadcasting Union, Best of the Alps and Milka
  • 39 participating countries
  • 225 Event organisers
  • Over 7,000 participants at the largest event
  • Over 12,000 YouTube visits
  • Over 37,000 Facebook visits
  • Over 200,000 participants in the first year
  • Over 300,000 website views since the website launch in June 2011
  • 1 World Record

[edit] World Snow Day Goals

The goals of World Snow Day are simple.

Primary Goals:

  • Enable children and their families to Explore, Enjoy and Experience the fascination of snow through special events and activties organised as part of World Snow Day.
  • Create global momentum for a great future for all involved in snow activities: The goal is 500,000 individual participants by the third year.

Secondary Goals

  • Increase awareness about the need to protect and conserve the natural environment.
  • Promote the health benefits of snow sports to all participants.
  • Emphasise the importance of snow safety and awareness of rules of conduct.

[edit] Promotional Acitivities

Websites is the official website for World Snow Day. In addition to releasing all related news and useful infor-mation, the website provided each registered Organizer a dedicated page to promote their event and associated partners. To help the public identify World Snow Day events around the world, a free toolkit with more than 20 readily available banners, flags, souvenirs, diplomas and other promotional items was established. Organizers could access the toolkit through the web-site upon registration.

The WSD official website was also cross-linked and promoted by all FIS official websites and pages. From 1st January 2011 to the celebration day on 22nd January 2012, all these websites were decorated with WSD branding for added promotion. From January 1st 2011, the WSD logo was featured in place of the FIS logo on the starting bibs of all competitors of FIS World Cup events. WSD key information was also integrated into commentary in TV broadcasting.

[edit] Presence at FIS World Cup Events

From January 1st 2011, the WSD logo was featured in place of the FIS logo on the starting bibs of all competitors of FIS World Cup events. WSD key information was also integrated into commentary in TV broadcasting.

[edit] Social Media

To further expose World Snow Day and engage potential participants and organizers, social networking communities were established on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo; World Snow Day video channels were set up on Youtube and Youku.

[edit] Effects of World Snow Day branding

Overall the World Snow Day brand was felt to be very helpful to Organizers. 44.4% of Organizers reported the brand as being very helpful for attraction of participants, 53.8% reported the brand as effective for attracting media attention and 49.4% re-ported the brand as being beneficial to staff motivation.

However, 46.1% of Organizers reported the brand helped little in find-ing new sponsors. Understandably, the World Snow Day brand is still young and will be further developed and strengthened.

[edit] Suggestions to Event Organisers for 2013

Based on the information and feedback received, FIS has compiled a short list of suggestions to World Snow Day Organisers for 2013. Get your event on board early

The earlier you register your event with thorough infor-mation and images, the more exposure you will enjoy un-der international spotlight. Early registration will also in-crease the possibility of reaching media attention and de-veloping partnership opportunities and decrease organiza-tional cost because of early venue, accommodation and transportation reservations, etc.

In addition, statistics show that local organizers were the main source for potential participants of WSD 2012 (See 3.2), so early in-volvement and constant promotion over time will definitely be helpful for increasing the number of participants. Meeting deadlines of event registration and report sub-mission will also ensure the full Organizer rights. Through the global platform, the event will showcase to the world the many different ways there are to enjoy the snow.

[edit] Make full use of global promotional tools

The World Snow Day website is a free platform to promote registered events. The average daily visits in January 2012 reached 4,072 with the peak of 10,023 on 22nd January. For World Snow Day 2013, the website will be up-graded to be even more user-friendly and interactive. Organizers are strongly suggested to take an even better advantage of the live profile system as a sub-website to promote their organization, events and partners. And re-member it’s all free of charge.

[edit] Diversify activities to fit different participants

Though alpine skiing/snowboarding activities were the main attractions for participants, statistics show that par-ticipants took World Snow Day events as occasions to gather with families and friends. Snow fun games (e.g. sledding) were also very popular on World Snow Day 2012. Such activities allow having fun together despite age or sport level. It is suggested to include several activities of different intensities to enable all family members to enjoy fun on snow.

The inaugural World Snow Day made history. The first edition World Snow Day attracted over 200,000 participants. FIS is confident that the goal of 500,000 participants by the 3rd year is achievable. Moreover FIS will continue to work with the Organizers to stage high quality, fun and enjoyable events.

FIS would like to express its sincere gratitude to all those who participated in 2012.

We wish to improve and grow this spectacular event and hope you can grow with us. Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions at any time. See you on the second edition of World Snow Day on 20th January 2013!

[edit] Acknowledgements

The FIS Final Report on World Snow Day 2012 would not have been possible without the support of all the event organizers and those who participated. We would also like to thank the FIS member National Ski Associations that helped promote the concept in their respective countries and regions. Great thanks go to the partners and sponsors both at international and local levels for supporting World Snow Day in its inaugural year. Finally FIS would also like to thank for the feedback and suggestions received from those who have participated in the questionnaires and interviews.

[edit] Reference

See the final report from World Snow Days 2012 here [5]

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