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The cooling effect of low temperatures on exposed skin increases sharply with rising wind speeds. This can be reflected in the use of the concept of wind chill, which is usually expressed in terms of an effective temperature. Although a wind chill index is expressed as a temperature, it is not a temperature: it is an expression of a human sensation. The index likens the way the human skin feels to the temperature on a calm day.

For example, if the outside temperature is -10°C and the wind chill figure is -20, it means that the exposed face will feel as cold as it would on a calm day when the temperature is -20°C. In addition, it is possible to provide a measure of the risk of exposed skin suffering frostbite within a given number of minutes. Armed with these figures, NMHSs are able to issue warnings about the risks of suffering discomfort or even injury when the combination of cold and wind is potentially dangerous

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