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[edit] Who attends the FIS Freestyle World Championships?


1. ARG Argentina

2. AUS Australia

3. AUT Austria

4. BEL Belgium

5. BLR Belarus

6. CAN Canada

7. CHN China

8. CZE Czech Republic

9. DAN Denmark

10. FIN Finland

11. FRA France

12. GBR Great Britain

13. GER Germany

14. GRE Greece

15. HUN Hungary

16. ITA Italy

17. JPN Japan

18. KOR Korea

19. LAT Latvia

20. LIE Liechtenstein

21. KAZ Kazakhstan

22. MKD Macedonia

23. NED Netherlands

24. NOR Norway

25. NZE New Zealand

26. POR Portugal

27. POL Poland

28. RUS Russia

29. RSA South Africa

30. SLO Slovenia

31. SPA Spain

32. SUI Switzerland

33. SVK Slovakia

34. SWE Sweden

35. UZB Uzbekistan

36. UKR Ukraine

37. USA United States of America

38. YUG Yugoslavia


38 Nations have attended at least once in the past Championships

AUSTRAL / ASIA: 3 Nations (Korea started to competition in 2005)

SCANDINAVIA: All of the nations in Scandinavia have competed

EUROPE: All of the Major Ski Nations have competed

NORTH AMERICA: Both Nations have competed

SOUTH AMERICA: 2 Nation has entered competitors

AFRICA: South Africa has participated


20 nations have won medals (1st, 2nd or 3rd place results) from 4 different Continents.

For Men’s medals, 18 nations have been on the podium. Canada is ranked first followed by France and the USA. These 3 nations account for 63% the medals.

For Ladies medals, 16 nations have been on the podium. USA is ranked first followed by Canada, Norway and France.

USA has the most medals with some 54, then followed by Canada with 51

North America has 41.8% of the medals

Europe has 24.3% of the medals

The top European Nation is France, and then followed by Switzerland.

France has 34 medals; Switzerland has 17 while Germany has 11.

Scandinavia accounts for some 34 medals or 13.5%.

Norway has the highest number of medals in Scandinavia with 13, and then followed by Sweden 12 and Finland with 6.

Russia and the ex Soviet block nations accounting some 11 medals.

The addition of Ski Cross and Halfpipe has started to change these figures since the strong nations in these events are, CZE, SUI, FRA, ITA, GER, AUT, SWE and FIN.

CHN is also seen as a dominant force in Aerials in winning two medals in Ruka and two gold medals in Madonna di Campiglio.

If Europe and Scandinavia were added together, they would have 111 medals, which would equal or slightly surpass that of North America. If you added in Eastern Europe, then the total could would be 130

Asia with Japan is at 4 (1 Silver 3 Bronze) and then China at 4 (3 gold, 1 Bronze) are recent nations that have started to win medals

Eastern Europe accounts for some 7.6% of the medals.

Australia has also seen some recent success, first in ladies Aerials now in Men’s moguls with of 9 medals (4 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze).

USA has 20 gold medals, while Canada has 18 and France has 14 each.

USA has the highest number of silver medals with 17.

Canada has won more bronze medals (19) than any other nation

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