Venue Requirements Moguls FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup

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Venue Requirements Freestyle FIS Ski World Cup

Moguls (MO)

[edit] Preparations - Staff / Material

PSM Preparations - Staff / Material # of People
PSM1 2 snow-cats for around 3-5 days (inclusive competition days)

1-preparation machine including winch

1 to push out the snow for the start and finish area

2 Sno-Cat driver – no regular Sno-Cat Shift
PSM2 Course Builders – needed during MO building (approx. 1-2 days) not competition days. 4-6 with shovels
PSM3 Air bumps 2 sections x 3 to 4 air bumps per section 4-6 persons with 6-8 shovels, air bump template
PSM4 Timing Cables From start to timing building with 3 pair of telephone cables
PSM5 Start Area 20m wide x 5 meters deep at 0°
PSM6 Finish Area 30 meter long x 20 meters wide deep at 0°
PSM7 Fenced in function areas Coaches video area, Rights Holder, Media Area, Mixed Zone, Anti-Doping Zone, Air Bump Areas, Team Area

[edit] Training Sessions

TS Training Sessions (4-6)-Staff/Material # of People
TSP1 1 snow-cat

1 to groom finish area and push out the snow (early - depending on weather, etc.)

1 Sno-Cat driver – no regular Sno-Cat Shift
TSP2 1 snow blower to remove from finish area (suggested not required)
TSP3 Starter 1
TSP4 Chief of Competition/MO (in Jury) 1
TSP5 Chief of Course/MO 1
TSP6 Assistant Chief of Course/MO 1
TSP7 Course / Air Bumps Maintenance 8 with shovels, drill, extra batteries,

– early morning for chop then to maintain airbumps during training

TSP8 Slippers / Steppers 10 experienced skiers minimum With rakes/shovels
TSP9 Security – Crowd Control 2 one start one in finish area
TSP10 Exit Gate control 1
TSP11 Medical Personal – Doctor

- First Response People

1 minimum at start–either ski or skidoo

4 two groups á 2 persons+2 sleds – 1 crew have to leave 1 is still on start

TSP12 Building Crew (separate Crew) 4-6 to help building TV-platforms, etc.
TSP13 Miscellaneous Staff – fence 2-3
TSP14 Skidoos incl. Driver (whole day) 1-2 depending on lift-situation

[edit] Competition Day

CSM Competition Day - Staff / Material
CSM1 1 snow groomer 1 to push out the snow for the finish (early - depending on weather, etc.) 1-2 snowcat driver – no regular snowcat Shift
CSM2 1 snow blower to remove new snow (suggested not required)
CSM3 Starter 1
CSM4 Assistant Starter 1
CSM5 Chief of Competition/MO (in Jury) 1
CSM6 Air Bump / Course Maintenance 8-10 with shovels, drill, extra batteries,

(skis) – early morning hill chop

CSM7 Slippers

10 experienced skiers minimum

With rakes/shovels

CSM8 Security – Crowd Controll

3-4 each side of course 1 1
CSM9 Accreditation control 4-6 around the finish area – depending on different zones and spectators
CSM10 Exit-Gate control 1
CSM11 Medical Person – Doctor - SOS People 1 minimum at start–either ski or skidoo 4 two groups á 2 persons+2 sleds– 1 crew have to leave 1 is still on start
CSM12 Score/Results Board – Finish - Start 2 hand timers to write down times/ranks–radios OC

2 hand timers to write down times/ranks-radios OC

CSM13 Runner 2 1 copy for results, 1 for press
CSM14 Judges Stand 2 responsible for Judges Stand
CSM15 Skidoos incl. Driver (whole day) 1-3 depending on lift-situation
CSM16 Building Crew (separate Crew) 4-6 to help building TV platform, move data service equipment
CSM17 Miscellaneous Staff – fence 6-8
CSM18 Award Ceremony (Place 1-3) 4 1 responsible person 3 to present the awards
CSM19 Anti Doping Control (if required) 12 6 women and 6 men (chaperones)

FIS Data processing, timing and venue-setup agencies will contact OC directly for additional transport and staffing needs.

CSM20 Fencing / Padding 1 meter crowd control fence – in special cases only crowd control fence (each side of the finish area) top to bottom incl. start/finish area, set at 3 meters from control gates (edge of course). Banner fence (sponsor banners) set at 3.0 meters from control gate.

Other safety nets and padding (TV-towers, etc.) as per required by race jury.

CSM21 Judges Stand Out of scaffolding (10 x 3.0 meters) and 1 - 2 meters high – completely closed on three sides (water resistant) – with tables and chairs for 8 people - in the center of the course around 20-40 meters behind the finish line.

Heat and power for computer (separate electric circuit) are required.

CSM22 Color Red for coloring airbumps and transition (minimum 3 pumps)

Red color only for finish line.

CSM23 Snow preparation If necessary we use fertilizer, regular-salt and water.
CSM24 Official Notice Board


A suitable board in the finish area (marked as “OFFICIAL NOTICE BOARD) - close to the exit gate (minimum 2 x 2 meters) to post results, scores, jury decisions, etc. and to write down scores/rank during Qualification and Finals.

A suitable board in the start area (minimum 1 x 2 meters) to post official results, jury decisions, information and to write down scores during Qualifications and Finals

CSM25 Start Tent Available for competitors - minimum 5 x 5 meters, closed, secured and heated - (restaurant within 100m is adequate)
CSM26 Beverages Hot beverages and water during training and competition for competitors.
CSM27 Toilets 1 toilet located close (100m) to start area (portable toilets).
CSM28 Sound System



Specifications as per sound company and local situation – during competition not to loud that we can run the event.

For training minimum music is required.

English is required and respective national language – the best is two speakers (also for training, qualifications and awards).

Very important – musical selection depends on the audience and local habits.

CSM229 Communication


14 radios to run the competition (these are only for the sport not for security, concerts, etc.).

OC needs extra radios for internal communication.

CSM30 Ski Doo’s A minimum of 3 ski doo’s (with drivers) are necessary for the finals in MO or a suitable lift just beside the MO course.
CSM31 Data Timing Building A heated lockable building/container with power (separate electric circuit) and tables and chairs for 4 people (minimum 10 square meters) with windows, located adjacent to or on the judges stand is required. There are cables from this container to the judges stand and to the TV compound.

FIS data processing company will provide more details.

CSM32 Awards Area A stage area (apprio 5 x 4 meter) beside or inside of the finish area (where TV cameras have easy access) with a table for the prizes. Before a corridor with 1 meter crowd control metal fence for press/TV/photo-graphers.
CSM33 Power Supply Will be needed at:
  • Start- Finish Area
  • Data Building- Award-Stage

-Speaker/DJ- Judges Stand

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