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Use of the Manual - TV Standards Freestyle Skiing

This manual offers carefully prepared guidelines so that broadcasting organisations and production companies can equally deliver exceptional standards of television production that are both engaging and consistent throughout the calendar season.

The manual is intended to provide broadcasters with the best possible platform to launch the necessary planning and final delivery of a first class FIS Freestyle Skiing event for the international television audience.

Freestyle Skiing features a variety of competitions hosted in a range of international venues, with a unique course demands. A highly specialised approach and philosophy towards the television coverage is needed to achieve the best success.

Perhaps most importantly, the manual considers the vital planning phases of any given event, and clearly outlines the division of responsibility between all contributing parties. Where possible photo examples, drawings and illustrations have been added to complement the text and many examples have been included that broadcasters are advised to follow.

This manual is intended to be a portable and quick reference publication that accompanies your Freestyle Skiing production both in the development stages and during the competition phase of the event.

Should you have any questions about the use of this manual please contact the addresses below:

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