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[edit] Competitions

For the most up to date list of competitions, please look to the FIS Web Site;

[] or directly to this seasons competition calendar; [1]

Here you can find the information regarding the details for the organizers. There you can also find a link to the resorts home page.

[edit] Competition Invitations / Key Contact at OC:

Please refer to the following link below for the competition invitations: [2]

The competition invitations will be loaded on this site when we get them. The "P" indicates that the invitation is loaded.

You can download the competition schedule and details regarding the competitions. Please make yourself familiar with the details.

We have also prepared a detailed list of competition organizers, which you can find here:

[edit] Key Dates, Snow Control Arrival / Departure

See here [[3]] or go here for the pdf on the Snow Control Arrival / Departure; [4]

We have defined a series of important dates for the 'snow control' and for the Judges and Officials arrivals and departures.

In most cases, the Judges will arrive on the same day of the draw.

The Head Judge will arrive one day before the draw.

Judges that are traveling for 2 competitions or more (in North America or France) will be following the teams travel plans.

Also see Arrival Departure and Snow Control FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup 2011/2012

[edit] List of Assigned Officials:

Please refer to the list of official assignments.

World Cup Judges, TD, TA, Referee and CA nominations 2011/2012 the pdf version is here;[5]

Here are the,

If you have problem with making the assignment, please contact the FIS Freestyle Office and copy your national association - as soon as possible.

[edit] Travel Booking Process / Communicate with the FIS and OC

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you even start to make your travel to your assignment;

  • When does my passport* expire? *you need a new passport if yours expires within 6 months of the trip
  • Do I need a visa to enter into this country? (Travel to China requires visa)
  • Do I have anything outstanding issues that might prevent me from entering into this country?
  • Will my luggage be over the limits in terms of weight or number of pieces?
  • Have I checked my personal health status to ensure that I have all of the vaccination shoots required?
  • Is my personal health insurance updated?

[edit] Expense Form

We have a FIS expense form. We are enclosing copy and here is the link to the FTP site where it can also be downloaded;

We will only accept expenses using this new expense form. It needs to be filled out on the electronically and the printed copy needs to be provided to race director for review and approval.

  • FIS Travel will book your ticket based upon the dates for the officials' arrival and departure.
  • The form is then sent along to the Head Judge and organizer since it contains the details from the plane ticket.
  • The Head Judge works with the organizers to set the ground transportation details.
  • This form finally ends up with the Race Director who will pay the official according to the policies regarding travel and the daily rate.

Regarding the 'Snow Control Dates' these have been set and fixed according to the FIS World Cup Rules. The requirements for the officials being on site have also been set.

All FIS officials are required to follow these arrival and departure dates for the events.

Personal travel plans, such as extended stays must not interfere or complicate the travel planning for the FIS or the organizer - in any way. Any additional costs caused by these travel plans are those of the official.

[edit] The Role of the Head Judge

The requirements and responsibilities of the Head Judge for a FIS World Cup are to:

  • Provide the overall coordination of the judges
  • Set the standard for the judges during the competition
  • Transportation and rooming assignments.
  • the direct communication link with the organizer.
  • Coordinate with the Race Director, the expense forms,
  • Assignment of judges to the panel and informing the Data Service

[edit] The Technical Delegate

The TD can deal directly with the OC since they are on an earlier travel program than the judges.

FIS Travel Service

All air travel arrangements are to be made with the FIS Travel Service. In most circumstances, we are able to change flights if events have been extended or if the event has been cancelled.

FIS Travel Contact is:

Martin Schwarz, ( will be your contact.

Ph: +41 33 244 14 44

Fax: + 41 33 244 14 40

  • In some case we have pre-booked flights from your hometown to the destination.
  • The tickets are booked in economy class.
  • After the tickets are booked, Martin and I usually wait after until the snow control date before the ticket is issued, printed and sent to you.
  • We cannot send the plane ticket to a post office box we need to send it to an address.

[edit] Travel Details on the Internet

Once the travel details has been confirmed, Martin will either send you the form back or give you a 'file locator' or 'travel number'. In case of an e-ticket you then can print your ticket under “electronic” ticket receipt.

This information needs to be entered into the travel expense form.

With this information and your name you can go to this Website address:

The file locator is usually a series of six characters with a combination of letters and numbers. Your air travel is also booked under your name.

Go directly to this Website and putting your file locator and your name and all of the travel details will be listed.

The organizer can also see these travel details so they can have backup information on your travel.

The official then needs to copy this information into the travel and expense form and forwarded to the Head Judge and the organizer.

[edit] Use of Personal Car

Sometimes it is more effective and efficient to use ones personal car as part of the assignment.

Regarding the payment of this, we will calculate this according to the following policies:

If the cost of using a personal car is more than the cost of an air flight or the cost of a rental car, we will pay the lower amount if the car is used.

[edit] Judges and TD expenses

There will be a change in the way you are paid, this will now be by bank transfer.

The FIS Race Director will review the expense forms and approve them. These forms will then be forwarded to the FIS Office where they will be process for payment.

Preparation and printing of these forms is the responsibility of the judge and TD themselves. The responsibility of the Head Judge is to coordinate the computer disks and printing of these forms and to deliver these to the Race Director.

[edit] Also seeSeason 2011 - 2012

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