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[edit] 4502 The Ski Cross Course

[edit] 4502.1 General characteristics of the courses

The slope should preferably be of a medium pitch (ideally 12º-22º) with varied terrain with an average slope of 15º. The Ski Cross slope must be a minimum of 30 meters wide. The Ski Cross track width for 4 to 6 competitors, shall be no less than 5 meters in width. Under certain conditions for short sections (50 meters or less) the course width may be a minimum of 20 meters.

[edit] 4502.2 Ski Cross Features

The ideal Ski Cross course will allow for the construction of all or some of the following terrain features: Banks (crescent shaped), Double Banks, Single, Double or Triple Jumps Rollers, Offset Rollers - (Single, double, triple, etc.), Step up jumps, spines and double spines, Pro style jumps, Hip jumps, Table top jumps and medium or long GS type turns (when building a feature is not possible). Other terrain features can be built but safety considerations must always be a priority. Gap jumps will not be permitted under any circumstances. The features should be designed so that competitors are attempting to gain speed and not having to break before each one.

[edit] 4502.3 Course Preparation

The track should be closed to the public at least 24 hours before the training. Terrain features and jumps must be built with sufficient time so that the snow has been compacted to insure that they can be properly maintained during training and competition. The use of artificial means is permitted (salt, water, etc.) and required if necessary.

[edit] 4502.4 Course Design

The total number of terrain features and jumps should be at the discretion of The Course Designer but will incorporate as many different possibilities as is practical. Blind jumps or terrain features where a competitor is unable to see the landing from the take-off should be avoided. The course should be designed to separate the competitors as quickly as possible after the start (i.e. 3-5 rolls or other terrain features between the start and the first turn). These terrain features should be placed in a straight line from the start to the first turn.

Minimum distance of the straight section of the course between the start and the first turn should be no less than 60 meters. The arc of the first turn shall be no less than a 100 degrees change in direction (i.e. the degrees difference between the entrance and the exit of the turn. The first turn is usually the largest turn of the course, wide enough to accommodate all competitors at once. The Start should be designed in such a way the competitors can gain the speed with out using their ski poles or skating.

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